PancakeSwap v3 coming in April

PancakeSwap has announced that the new version of its application, PancakeSwap v3, will be available to users on the BNB Smart Chain from the first week of April 2023.

PancakeSwap v3 is set to offer a range of exciting features, such as competitive trading fees, trading incentives, improved liquidity provision, and a superior yield farming experience. Users will also have access to all the necessary tools and resources in one convenient location, with a more user-friendly interface.

PancakeSwap has announced a rewards campaign that will coincide with the launch of its new v3 update. Users who contribute a certain amount of funds to the platform's liquidity pools will receive an airdrop of $CAKE. We have published a detailed article about this airdrop and how you can get it here.


As an added bonus, PancakeSwap recently launched a new blog on 7 March 2023. The blog provides users with the latest updates on the PancakeSwap ecosystem and is available in multiple languages and also organized into categories, making it easier for users to find what they need. You can check out the PancakeSwap blog here.



The DeFi protocol Pancakeswap v2 supports other blockchains like Aptos and Ethereum, in addition to BNB Chain. PancakeSwap is currently ranked the third DEX by TVL, with more than 2.6 billion USD. As the most popular DEX on BNB Chain, PancakeSwap offers an impressive array of functions including classic asset swaps, perpetual trading, liquidity provision, yield farming, syrup pools, competitions, and an NFT market, all on one user-friendly platform.

PancakeSwap's upcoming v3 update appears to be a significant step forward for the platform. Its new features, such as competitive trading fees and improved liquidity provision, coupled with the convenience of having all necessary resources in one place, will likely be well received by users. The $CAKE airdrop also provides an added incentive for users to participate in the platform's liquidity pools. We highly recommend that you take part in the $CAKE airdrop campaign, which will end with the launch of v3 in April 2023. For more information about the $CAKE airdrop, click here.

René Užovič


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