Near Foundation Launch Near Horizon

At the Consensus 2023 conference, NEAR Foundation unveiled their accelerator program, NEAR Horizon, which is enhancing founder support in Web 3.0. With partnerships with companies such as Dragonfly, Pantera, Fabric Ventures, Decasonic, and Hashed NEAR Horizon offers founding teams a wide range of support, enabling them to scale their projects. Thanks to this support, the NEAR ecosystem becomes capable of incubating new offerings at a rapid pace.

NEAR Foundation has announced the launch of NEAR Horizon, an accelerator program for founding teams who want to build their startups on the NEAR blockchain. This accelerator allows startups to connect with over 15 service providers, 40 mentors, and over 300 supporters, thus accelerating their growth. All of this is made possible through a marketplace application that connects developers within the NEAR ecosystem and provides direct access to NEAR Horizon, where they can apply for credits that cover the costs of services in areas such as development, marketing, and financing; required aspects for a growing startup.

For developers seeking additional support and guidance, a program facilitated through NEAR Foundation's partner provides mentorship, business resources, and a direct line to startup capital.


NEAR Horizon is an accelerator for the development and operation of blockchain-based applications. Its most significant advantages include its easy-to-use interface and low entry barrier for new developers. As a result, NEAR Horizon can attract many new creators who might otherwise have difficulty meeting the costly technological and financial requirements of funding their own development.

With the arrival of these new creators, opportunities arise to expand the NEAR ecosystem and reach a wider audience of users. The new features and dApps created by these developers can not only bring greater utility to the broader NEAR community, but can also help raise awareness of blockchain technology and decentralized applications as a whole.

NEAR blockchain is built for retail and aims to bring users as close as possible to the transition between Web 2.0 and Web 3.0. This accelerator program will certainly help with that, and we can look forward to seeing what other innovations the Near Foundation will bring. If the NEAR Foundation continues at this pace and further strengthens its ecosystem, NEAR blockchain has a high chance of gaining significant popularity in the next bull run.

Ondřej Tittl


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