released new Road Map for Q2 2023 has prepared a Road Map for Q2 2023 to further connect the Ethereum community. Their vision is to create the best portal for the growing Ethereum community. is an educational portal aimed at both new and advanced users of the Ethereum blockchain. Therefore, it regularly updates its plans to stay among the best educational websites.

One of the major developments is the hiring of a new community lead, who will use their knowledge and experience to improve the functioning of during Q2, as well as organizing more events and initiatives that will benefit the entire community.

Here are the remaining plans for in Q2:

  • Explore the possibility of giving more community contributors more authority and involving them in the team to better support the community
  • Host a free writing cohort to help community members improve their writing skills and develop good habits
  • Create the necessary documentation to implement a proposal system into the code and set up community contribution processes
  • Conduct an audit of the existing website and consider which pages could benefit most from the addition of interactive elements
  • Create a dictionary that will help users understand complex topics by reading definitions
  • Develop a new central page for quizzes that will contain all existing quizzes, track global user scores, and add some incremental UX improvements to the current quiz flow
  • Clean up and the launchpad to accurately reflect Ethereum after the Shanghai upgrade
  • Compare various tools for converting images and infographics into a translatable format and develop a process for dubbing videos into languages other than English
  • Unify the existing design on the page for consistency and ease of use
  • Improve processes

Impact has a positive impact on new users who come into contact with the Ethereum blockchain for the first time and may not feel comfortable. Therefore, it is important to regularly update the interface and take care of the website, as it can help bring in many new users to the Ethereum ecosystem.

I really like the approach that has taken. Overall, it is a well-built website and provides really useful information about the Ethereum blockchain. I especially like that they have started working on dubbing educational videos, which is very important. If the videos are available in languages other than English, it will be a great advantage.

Ondřej Tittl


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