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Sei Labs Raises 30 Million USD to Build the Fastest L1

On April 11, 2023, Sei Labs announced that it had raised 30 million USD in strategic funding rounds from several investors, including Jump, Distributed Global, Multicoin, Asymmetric, Flow Traders, Hypersphere, and Bixin Ventures.

Sei Labs is the developer of the open-source Sei blockchain, which is a layer-1 solution for trading. Its optimization allows decentralized exchanges and applications to offer high performance and scalability for users.

Recently, they announced that they have raised 30 million USD in a strategic financing round from investors, adding to the 5 million USD that they raised during their seed round back in 2022. This time round, the funds will be used to accelerate the company's growth and expansion in the Asia-Pacific region. Sei's goal is to create the best trading infrastructure and support the development of the digital asset ecosystem.

During the development of the Sei blockchain, more than 120 teams were deployed before the mainnet, and the recent public testnet attracted more than 3.6 million users and processed over 35 million transactions.

Co-founder of Sei Labs, Jayendra Jog, said, "We already had ample runway, so the primary goal of this capital raise was to get the right strategic partners around the table, and we’re elated with the crew that we were able to lock in."


The newly provided funds present a significant opportunity for Sei Labs to further develop awareness of the Sei blockchain. This move is important for Sei Labs, as they recognize that Asia is a large market and holds enormous potential for expanding their services. With these financial resources, they will have the ability to hire new employees and expand their team, allowing them to increase their productivity and market coverage. They will also be able to invest in marketing campaigns, reaching out to new customers who may be potential users of their Sei blockchain.

Sei Labs recently launched the testnet of their Sei blockchain, which was a big step towards getting the final version out there. The testnet was successful and confirmed that Sei Labs is moving in the right direction.

Their investment will likely now be directed towards development and marketing, as it is important for them to have enough financial resources for further growth. With the new funds, Sei Labs will be able to work on new features and improvements for the Sei blockchain, with the aim of making it as efficient and secure as possible.

Ondřej Tittl


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