Trader Joe is now live on BNB Chain

Trader Joe, a DeFi platform which created Liquidity Book and provides users with trading, liquidity pools, yield farm, asset lending, an NFT marketplace, all in one place, is now live on BNB Chain.

Trader Joe is now officially live on BNB Chain, introducing its innovative and highly efficient concentrated liquidity Automated Market Maker (AMM) called ‘Liquidity Book’ to the BNB Chain ecosystem. With Trader Joe, DeFi has become more accessible, and users can now enjoy a simple, user-friendly, and trusted platform on which to provide liquidity and trade across popular token pairs.

Below is a graphic outlining the live Liquidity Book markets, along with the designated base fees for swaps (minimum charged) and variable fees (maximum charged) if volatility is incurred during trading. Users can now provide liquidity and swap across the highlighted pairs below. In the near future, Trader Joe also plans to open more markets, forge new partnerships, and offer new experiences.



Trader Joe has deployed on BNB Chain, offering access to Liquidity Book, which provides users with highly efficient swaps and low transaction costs. Trader Joe is a one-stop-shop platform on which users can access multiple functions such as trading, providing liquidity, bridging, staking, farming, and lending, all in one place. With a proven record of being both popular and trusted, Trader Joe brings a full-suite service to the BNB Chain ecosystem when combined with the Joepegs NFT marketplace. As Trader Joe plans to open more markets and forge new partnerships, it also has the potential to further strengthen the whole BNB chain ecosystem.

Trader Joe's deployment on BNB Chain, and the introduction of its innovative Liquidity Book AMM, is a positive development for the DeFi ecosystem. The platform's focus on user-friendliness, low transaction costs, and efficient swaps, makes it a compelling option for users looking to participate in decentralized trading or liquidity provision on BNB Chain.

René Užovič


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