Secret Network Launch Dashboard

Secret Network has introduced a long-awaited Dashboard, which allows you to access information about the entire network in one place.

The Secret Network Dashboard is a new tool that provides a comprehensive overview of Secret Network and its development. This Dashboard allows users to easily track and analyze key information about the network, such as node and transaction statistics, current network status, and more. It also allows users to access important tools such as wallets and dApp interfaces, making interaction with Secret Network easier.

The Dashboard is designed to be intuitive and easy to use for users of different levels of knowledge. It utilizes modern design and provides users with the ability to filter and sort information according to their needs. Users can also use interactive graphs and visualizations to display network information.


The new Dashboard is a significant improvement to the presentation of Secret Network for both new and existing users, as it provides access to key network features in one place. Within the Dashboard, users can easily perform bridging, and wrapping of tokens on the SNIP-20 standard. Furthermore, thanks to the IBC bridge between Cosmos ecosystem, and the classic bridging supported by Alexar Bridge, the operation of the Secret Network is now much easier and more convenient for new and existing users. This new Dashboard provides users with quick and efficient access to network information, further strengthening the user base and enabling the further development of the Secret Network.

Secret Network needed this Dashboard. Previously, everything had to be searched separately, but now it can all be found and referred to on the Dashboard. With this new feature, Secret Network has joined other larger blockchains for whom this system is a standard.

Ondřej Tittl


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