Aptos Labs brings Web3 to Gaming with its new SDK for Unity developers

Aptos Labs is proud to announce the launch of its innovative Software Development Kit (SDK) for Unity gaming developers. It is a partnership with NPIXEL in working together to demonstrate asset portability during this year's hackathon in Seoul.

Aptos Labs has just released its APTOS Gaming Software Development Kit (SDK) for Unity developers, offering a range of features to bring Web 3.0 gaming to the masses. The debut feature set of the Aptos SDK includes digital collectable creation, transaction signing, account authentication, and wallet management. The SDK is available on the Unity Asset Store as a Verified solution, providing developers with a trusted and reliable tool to bring Web3 gaming to the masses.

In partnership with South Korea's fastest growing game developer, NPIXEL, Aptos Labs will demonstrate the power of the APTOS SDK this year in Seoul. The marquee partnership with NPIXEL will showcase the innovative and groundbreaking games that can be created using the Aptos SDK, offering a new level of interoperability and transparency to gaming.

Let’s stay tuned for more info on how Aptos Labs is showing up at this year’s Gaming Developer Conference (GDC) next month.


Aptos Labs' Verified SDK for Unity developers is poised to disrupt the gaming industry with its innovative features and potential for interoperability and transparency. The partnership with NPIXEL, a top game developer in South Korea, further solidifies Aptos' position as a leader in the Web 3.0 gaming movement and demonstrates the potential impact of the SDK on the ecosystem. The upcoming Web 3.0 gaming showcase in Seoul is set to be a defining moment for Aptos and its role in shaping the future of gaming.

The release of the Aptos SDK is a major win for the Web3 gaming industry and the Aptos ecosystem. The SDK's potential to increase the total addressable market, promote growth and open up new opportunities for the industry, positions Aptos as a leader in the field and a project to watch in the future. It may revolutionize the gaming industry!

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