Beefy ZAP v2

Beefy simplifies deposits and withdrawals with Beefy ZAP v2

Beefy has upgraded its Beefy ZAP tool to simplify adding and removing vault liquidity.

Beefy, the multichain yield optimizer available on 18 chains, has partnered with 1inch to revolutionize its Beefy ZAP tool, which enables users to enter Beefy vaults with just one of the underlying assets needed for the liquidity pool. Now, a new ZAP product has been created that removes the need for an initial swap, allowing users to deposit any asset, including common blue chip tokens, native tokens, or stablecoins, into Beefy vaults for auto-compounding.

The new ZAP V2 tool has been launched on seven chains: BSC, Polygon, Optimism, Arbitrum, Fantom, Avalanche, and Aurora. Users can select the asset they want to deposit, and the app will show them the suggested route, and an estimate of how much they'll receive after all costs are deducted. The new ZAP V2 tool also allows users to withdraw in their preferred asset.

To celebrate the launch, Beefy is hosting a promotional launch party during which users can use the new Beefy ZAP V2 tool with no added fees.


The new Beefy ZAP V2 makes it easier for users to enter Beefy vaults, which will potentially increase adoption and usage of the platform. The integration of 1inch's public API could enhance transparency and trust, as well as improving the user experience for multichain DeFi. The new ZAP V2 could help strengthen the multichain DeFi ecosystem as a whole, encouraging more people to participate in the decentralized finance space.

The new Beefy ZAP tool provides a unique, seamless way to offer liquidity in the DeFi space. This highlights Beefy's commitment to prioritizing the user experience, which is impressive.

Peter Nemcok


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