NEAR Blockchain Joins Ledger

NEAR Blockchain Joins Ledger Live

NEAR has entered into a partnership with Ledger, a company that produces Ledger hardware wallets.

NEAR blockchain has announced its integration with the Ledger Live service, which represents a big step forward in protecting users' assets. Users can now access a comprehensive application for managing digital assets, which allows them to send, receive, and stake $NEAR coins. This is made possible through a partnership with Figment, which enables users to stake their coins directly within the Ledger Live app.

With Ledger Live, users don't have to worry about their digital assets, as the application offers the highest level of security and privacy protection. Thanks to its security and the new integration of NEAR, Ledger Live is an ideal choice for both cryptocurrency novices and experienced crypto investors.


This partnership is crucial for increasing the security of wallets on the NEAR blockchain, and will add to the attractiveness of joining the ecosystem and keeping one's coins safe through a hardware wallet in the future.

This partnership between Ledger and NEAR blockchain is great news for many users, including myself. I have been looking forward to this collaboration for some time now, because I have never been a fan of software wallets. I have always had concerns about the security of my digital assets, as my wallet could be compromised in the event of an attack on my computer.

However, thanks to this partnership, my concerns have finally been alleviated. I can now connect my Ledger hardware wallet through the Ledger Live app to the wallet I use for the NEAR blockchain, and have the assurance that my digital assets are secure. This step allows me to sleep more soundly, regardless of whether my computer is vulnerable.

Ondřej Tittl


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