Wormhole Launches Aptos NFT Bridge

Aptos, a leading crypto chain, has partnered with Wormhole to launch a new NFT bridge for seamless interoperability in the Web 3.0 space. The bridge enables users to send NFT assets from any of the supported chains to Aptos without double-wrapping.

Wormhole's integration with Aptos allows for a seamless NFT experience across the chain's vibrant DeFi and NFT ecosystems. This is a significant step for interoperability, making Aptos a truly next-gen Web 3.0 platform. The teams at Aptos and Wormhole have been working hard to make this integration a reality and should be commended for their efforts.

The bridge currently supports NFT bridging from Arbitrum, Aurora, Avalanche, BSC, Celo, Ethereum, Fantom, Karura, Klaytn, Moonbeam, Oasis, Optimism, Polygon, and Solana to Aptos, or vice versa.


This will make it easier for NFT lovers, creators, and collectors to use Aptos as their home base, as well as making NFT assets more accessible and tradable, thereby creating new opportunities for creators and collectors.

The integration with Wormhole's bridge is a clear indication of Aptos's commitment to driving interoperability, innovation, and growth, making Web 3.0 technology more accessible to users.

Kiattisak Wongvorachart


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