Aurora Labs announces the launch of Aurora Cloud

Aurora Labs has announced the launch of Aurora Cloud, a comprehensive enterprise solution designed to support the mass adoption of Web 3.0. The company believes that real-world businesses integrating blockchain into their models will accelerate the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies by helping their users transition from Web 2.0 to Web 3.0. With Aurora Cloud, businesses can have access to secure technology that supports their models while providing users with a seamless environment.

Aurora Cloud is a platform that can be used for various purposes, including implementing a "permissioned" DeFi network with KYC for a TradFi consortium, or placing small country’s government activities onto the blockchain. The platform consists of Borealis Business, Aurora Pass, and Aurora Silos.

Aurora Cloud

Borealis Business is an accounting engine that can support almost any blockchain business model imaginable, while eliminating transaction fees.

Aurora Cloud

Aurora Pass, which will soon appear on iOS and Android systems, allows customers to sign transactions from Web 2.0 without cost or hindrance, through biometric devices such as Touch ID and Face ID.


Aurora Silos are specialized blockchains designed for Aurora Cloud customers that offer features beyond mere compatibility with the Ethereum blockchain, such as custom token mechanics and transaction fees, and multi-level access control. With Aurora Silos, businesses can take advantage of the benefits of blockchain while maintaining interoperability with the surrounding world.

You can try the demo version here.


Implementing blockchain technology into real business operations is a key step towards the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies and Web3.0 technologies. Aurora, which specializes in developing innovative blockchain solutions, has a chance to become one of the leading players in the market due to its dedication and consistency in implementation.

The use of blockchain can bring many benefits, such as simplifying and reducing transaction costs, increasing the security and transparency of processes, and much more. By offering products such as Borealis Business, Aurora Pass, and Aurora Silos, Aurora is adding further options for businesses looking to utilize blockchain technology.

The implementation of blockchain technology in businesses, that don’t interact in Web 3.0 space yet, can bring in a lot of new capital, as many investors are increasingly willing to invest in projects that utilize blockchain. This new capital can help develop the entire Aurora and Near ecosystem, enabling further innovation and the development of new products.

Aurora has the potential to become a key player in this field. Their products are designed to facilitate the integration of blockchain into the corporate world and offer great potential for improving the functioning of companies and entire ecosystems.

Ondřej Tittl


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