Green Leadership in Action

Green Leadership in Action

Green Leadership in Action: Driving the Blockchain Jungle's Revolution

In the captivating landscape of Costa Rica, a revolutionary movement is taking shape, poised to catapult the nation into a leading role in sustainable blockchain technology. Enter "Blockchain Jungle 2023," an exceptional one-day conference with the vision of establishing Costa Rica as a global hub for blockchain innovation by 2030. Embracing its cultural richness, unwavering commitment to sustainability, and vibrant innovations, Costa Rica serves as the ideal canvas for this transformative event.

When asked about the mission of Blockchain Jungle, CEO Juan C. Guererro said:
"Our aim with Blockchain Jungle is to ignite a revolution, uniting blockchain with sustainability, and positioning Costa Rica as a global blockchain hub. We are sowing seeds for a green future in the blockchain industry, and Costa Rica is the fertile ground where this transformation will take root and flourish."

More than a mere conference, Blockchain Jungle embodies a potent mission to reshape Costa Rica's future through the seamless fusion of blockchain technology and sustainability. By capitalizing on the nation's dedication to eco-friendly practices, the event aims to attract global stakeholders, resources, and investments, invigorating the local economy while spotlighting Costa Rica's renewable energy initiatives.


The overarching theme of Blockchain Jungle 2023, "Igniting a Green Revolution: Costa Rica's Blockchain Uprising," encapsulates the very essence of this visionary movement. It paints a picture of a world where technology and sustainability converge harmoniously, ushering in an era of thriving, eco-friendly blockchain advancement on the global stage.

Inspiring Talks

At the heart of the conference lies a captivating agenda replete with inspiring talks, interactive workshops, and collaborative breakout sessions, all centered around sustainability and blockchain technology. The lineup of more than 30 esteemed speakers includes prominent figures like blockchain pioneers Nick Szabo and Perianne Boring, who will share their profound insights. Not to be outdone, Costa Rican luminaries such as Glenda Umaña, Samuel Burke, and Minister of Technology Paula Bogantes will grace the stage, reinforcing the nation's commitment to sustainability and cultural heritage.


Sustainability at the Forefront

Sustainability is not an afterthought but a foundational pillar of Blockchain Jungle. The strategic goals of Costa Rica's blockchain development are intrinsically intertwined with its dedication to eco-friendly practices, positioning it as a trailblazer in the global pursuit of sustainable blockchain solutions. The conference aims to delve into the potential of blockchain technology in addressing environmental challenges, promoting green mining practices, and leveraging blockchain for social and environmental causes.

Online Membership

Acknowledging the global reach of its vision, Blockchain Jungle ensures inclusivity by offering an online membership option for those unable to attend in person. By extending transformative ideas and discussions to a wider audience, the conference aligns with its ultimate goal of fostering worldwide sustainability in the blockchain revolution.

As Blockchain Jungle 2023 unfolds, Costa Rica embraces a momentous opportunity to assert itself as a vanguard in the realm of blockchain technology and sustainability. With sustainability at its core, the nation has seized the chance to redefine the trajectory of blockchain innovation, using it as a force for positive change in sync with the planet. The green revolution taking root in Costa Rica has the potential to inspire nations worldwide, spurring them to adopt sustainable approaches and usher in a new era of blockchain brilliance in harmony with our shared environment.

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