Aurora Launches Engine Version 2.9.0

Aurora Engine has implemented an Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) on the NEAR Protocol.

Aurora Labs has released a new Engine 2.9.0 on its mainnet. This latest version includes Cross-Contract Call (XCC) for Aurora EVM, which allows smart contracts compatible with EVM to seamlessly communicate with Wasm smart contracts within the NEAR blockchain ecosystem.

The new engine upgrade has simplified the process for EVM accounts to fund their corresponding XCC accounts on the NEAR blockchain. When interacting with XCC for the first time, the module automatically deploys a counter-account on the NEAR blockchain and attaches XCC routers for the future exchange of information with your signing key. To make this new account work, NEAR coins are required to cover storage costs. XCC automates this process and transfers wNear tokens from the Aurora blockchain address to the linked NEAR blockchain address, making the entire process faster and simpler.

In addition to the XCC feature, Aurora Engine 2.9.0 has also tackled many minor bug fixes. For more information, please visit Aurora's Github.


The deployment of XCC simplifies asset transfers between accounts on the Aurora and NEAR blockchains, further connecting these two ecosystems. In the future, this cross-chain technology may be implemented on other blockchains, allowing them to easily connect with the Aurora blockchain.

Aurora is a relatively new blockchain project that focuses on providing developers with the ability to create dApps, and which aims to be an alternative to existing solutions in the market. Despite being small and not yet well-known, Aurora's developers are doing everything they can to improve their project and attract more users. The integration of EVM with the NEAR blockchain is one of the key steps they are taking to achieve this goal.

Ondřej Tittl


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