Smart contracts are live on the mainnet

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived - smart contracts are now live on the mainnet. With this release, Aleph Zero is ready to support the deployment of applications that can take full advantage of its speed, scalability, security, and soon-to-be-introduced privacy framework. While this milestone marks a significant achievement for the Aleph Zero community, it's only the beginning of what's to come. In the upcoming months and years, we can look forward to seeing the ecosystem and community thriving. Several projects have already announced their launches in the coming days, so it's an exciting time to keep an eye on developments.

March 29, was a big day for the Aleph Zero ecosystem. This step will not only contribute to its growth, but also enable developers to utilize the features of this network.

Developers who want to start using the capabilities of the Aleph Zero blockchain can take advantage of the documentation and communicate with the team on the Aleph Zero Discord, where they can ask questions and discuss their projects. Smart contracts are powered by ink! 4.0, and developers can learn more about this language on the dedicated page here.

Developers can also look forward to the release of a developer portal, which will contain tutorials and all the necessary onboarding information, as well as providing them with all useful tools in one place.

For those who want to build on this network, a useful ecosystem funding program will be available, which will provide support for projects building on Aleph Zero. This program will be supported by AWS Activate and Kudelski Security, and more partners can be expected in the future.


The launch of smart contracts on the Mainnet is a crucial milestone for Aleph Zero and marks the beginning of a new phase for this blockchain network. As mentioned before, this new feature could attract new developers and users, which could lead to the network being more widely used. This would be important for Aleph Zero because increased usage and network load could show whether the network is truly capable of competing with other leading blockchains.

However, increased usage could also bring new risks and challenges, such as potential speed and scalability issues with the network. At this point, it is crucial for the Aleph Zero team to be able to address these issues and provide users and developers with sufficient support and tools.

The upcoming weeks and months will therefore be crucial for the future of Aleph Zero and its goal to rank among the top blockchains in the crypto world. If the team is able to address any challenges and provide sufficient support for users and developers, then the network could become a key player in the blockchain world.

I am glad that the long-promised smart contracts have finally been launched and we can slowly start using the entire ecosystem. I am looking forward to new projects launching, and the expansion of the DeFi world on the Aleph Zero blockchain. I always enjoy witnessing the creation of something new and innovative, so I will support and closely monitor its development in the coming months.

Ondřej Tittl


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