Kava RPC Problem and Spam Attack

Kava RPC Problem and Spam Attack

According to a statement by the Kava team, the network experienced issues with processing transactions and generating blocks for several hours due to a spam attack on their mempools, which included high-fee transactions. This problem caused the RPC endpoints to reach their speed limits, resulting in further complications.

The Kava blockchain experienced several random spam attacks on their mempools over the course of several days (starting from April 14, 2023). The Kava team is currently working on a minor update, which includes spam filtering features, to alleviate this issue. Additionally, the team is actively improving their spam filtering and monitoring mechanisms to better defend against such attacks in the future.

On April 19, 2023, Kava blockchain began experiencing issues with RPC endpoints, and it was discovered that the mempool attacks were still ongoing. After swift analysis, the Kava team announced that the RPC endpoint issues on the Kava blockchain had been resolved. They conducted thorough internal testing on both public and private endpoints, and responses are now coming through without any issues.


Although the spam attacks on Kava mempools have ended and the Kava team has successfully managed the situation, the incident has revealed potential vulnerabilities to similar attacks. If the Kava team fails to adequately address the spam filtering mechanism, such attacks could be repeated, causing a negative impact on the network's credibility and reducing users' trust in its security and reliability. This could jeopardize the growth of the Kava ecosystem and limit the use of the blockchain in other areas. Therefore, it is crucial for the Kava team to continuously work on improving their spam filtering mechanisms and other security measures to make the network resilient to spam attacks and provide safe and reliable services for its users.

It's great to see how the team can quickly and effectively respond to problems that arise on the blockchain. Communication with the community is a key part of addressing these issues and the team did well in this case. We followed the situation on their Discord and every step the team took was carefully announced. This made the community feel informed and satisfied with how quickly and efficiently the team acted.

Ondřej Tittl


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