BNB Greenfield Launch on Testnet

BNB Greenfield is a system focused on supporting decentralized data economies. The aim of this system is to facilitate the process of storing and managing data access, and to connect data ownership with multiple contexts within DeFi.

You can find our article about BNB GreenField here.

The project has now moved to the testnet phase, and you can also get involved in its operation. By participating in the BNB Greenfield testnet and the Zero2Hero Hackathon, you have the chance to win rewards. After the testing on the testnet ends, you will receive SBT (Soulbound Token) tokens as a reward for your testing. Here is a guide on how to connect to the testnet.

You can either test as a validator, or just provide your storage.

To make testing profitable and not a waste of your valuable time, BNB chain will soon launch a grant program for GreenField.


BNB Greenfield has the potential to find applications in several areas, such as personal cloud storage, hosting and deploying websites, a new social media model, and storing terabytes of data from BNB Smart Chain and L2 rollup transactions.

When the testnet phase has launched, developers will be able to follow how the testing process unfolds. Many bugs can be discovered and fixed during this process, which is crucial for ensuring that everything works as intended. Developers can also monitor the performance and behavior of the software on the testnet to ensure that it will be fast and reliable enough for users in a production environment.

Ondřej Tittl


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