Secret is now supported by Ankr

Developers building dApps on the Secret Network platform have now an even easier time, thanks to Ankr offering RPC endpoints that dApps can use to interact with the Secret Network blockchain.

Ankr's Secret Network RPC endpoints allow for easy connection and communication with the Secret Network blockchain. These endpoints consist of many independent nodes, enabling developers to directly connect and efficiently communicate with the blockchain. With geographically dispersed nodes and network decentralization, low latency and high connection reliability are ensured. Another advantage is the protection of user data.

Ankr provides both free and paid endpoint options, allowing dApps to easily retrieve information from the chain without having to maintain their own nodes in the Secret Network cluster. This frees up developers to focus more on building their applications.

The paid "premium" version offers services such as unlimited Secret Network requests, global node distribution, private Secret Network endpoints, prioritized requests, and the ability to use WebSockets (WS).


RPC endpoints provided by Ankr are a significant benefit for developers on the Secret Network platform, as they eliminate the need for them to maintain their own network nodes, which can be very complicated and time-consuming. With Ankr's public RPC, developers can connect and start retrieving information within minutes, without having to create an account or spend money.

However, Ankr not only provides services to developers, but also motivates independent node operators to join their load balancer in exchange for ANKR tokens. This means that anyone who operates a node on the Secret Network can earn a financial reward in the form of $ANKR, further motivating network growth and strengthening its global infrastructure.

Collaboration with Ankr brings many benefits to the Secret Network, allowing it to expand its global network. The advantages of this collaboration are a significant step forward for the Secret Network, and demonstrate that blockchain projects can work together and benefit from each other's advantages. Furthermore, as Ankr continues to expand its services, we can expect further innovations and improvements for building on the Secret Network platform in the future.

Ondřej Tittl


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