Astroport is now live on the Injective blockchain

Astroport is now live on the Injective blockchain

The Injective blockchain has launched the Astroport service in its ecosystem in a collaboration that brings new incentives and opportunities for users who can use Injective's interoperable network to exchange assets from various blockchains such as Cosmos, Ethereum or Solana.

The partnership between Injective and Astroport offers several new incentives and opportunities for users. Since Astroport is built on the Injective platform, users can leverage Injective's interoperable network, allowing them to exchange assets not only from the Cosmos and Ethereum chains, but also from chains like Solana, thanks to the recent Wormhole integration.

Astroport is an Automated Market Maker (AMM) that aims to make it easier for users to exchange cryptocurrency assets. Unlike traditional exchanges, Astroport automatically exchanges cryptocurrencies using algorithms and smart contracts, allowing for instant trades at a predetermined price.


Astroport brings a new source of automated liquidity to the developing Injective ecosystem and could potentially collaborate with an on-chain order book that is resilient to MEV. This combination enables users to execute new arbitrage and trading strategies, utilizing liquidity from both the CLOB and Astroport's AMM. With Injective's next-generation infrastructure stack being optimized specifically for financial applications, Astroport could become the primary trading venue for the masses. Additionally, as the first AMM application aimed at bringing in more retail users who want to trade assets, Astroport strengthens the Injective ecosystem.

Astroport has already seen great success on the old Terra blockchain, and has become a popular choice among users who are interested in cryptocurrency markets and investments. With the move to the new Injective blockchain, I expect Astroport to have much more room for growth and expansion of its services. The integration with the Injective blockchain opens up new possibilities and enables these two platforms to collaborate and complement each other. This means users will have access to a wider range of financial instruments and can take advantage of unique benefits they offer. It's also a great opportunity for Astroport to become one of the leading platforms for trading cryptocurrencies and establish a strong market position. I'm very excited about this integration and believe it will be of great benefit to the entire cryptocurrency community.

Ondřej Tittl


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