Kujira PILOT

PILOT is a launchpad platform created by Fuzion and Kujira in collaboration. The project, which utilizes a novel approach to token sales, has the objective of launching tokens in a fair and equitable manner, as well as providing benefits and equal access to all participants. The platform offers various mechanisms for token introduction, which can be configured based on the priorities and target audience of each project. In this way, PILOT enables projects on the Kujira blockchain to successfully launch their tokens and gain access to capital, thereby supporting their development.

The PILOT program on the Kujira blockchain allows launchers, which are projects, to set various parameters for the sale of their tokens.

These parameters include:

  • Quantity of tokens for sale
  • Base token price before discounts
  • Range of possible discounts
  • Percentage intervals between individual discounts

During the start of the sale, users can also set parameters for their purchase:

  • Specifying the price at which the purchase will be executed
  • Amount of funds they want to allocate for the purchase

At the end of the sale period, bids are accepted starting from the highest price and moving downwards. Once all the tokens in the sale have sold out, bids with higher discounts that cannot be fulfilled become invalid. Bidders have the option to cancel their unsuccessful bids and withdraw tokens for which they have successfully bid.

To be valid, bids must be activated after a standard delay. This is intended to deter automated bots from submitting bids. Inactive bids are not included in the sale.

In the event of a shortage of tokens in a specific price range to fulfill all bids, the tokens are distributed proportionally based on the size of each bid relative to the total bid amount at that price. The order in which bids were submitted is not a decisive factor in this distribution.

The first token to be launched through PILOT is WINK.

WINK will be used to power WinkHUB, the content hub for the Kujira ecosystem. It will serve as a home for influencers, writers, filmmakers, and other content creators who promote Kujira or pursue their own projects with the integrated Kuji brand. The platform will showcase films, documentaries, educational content, blogs, podcasts, live streams, and art.


The PILOT program is taking the Kujira ecosystem a step further and bringing it closer to CEX (Centralized Exchange) functionality. This is achieved through the following aspects:

  • Dynamic pricing: The program allows users to set a price range for tokens, giving launchers greater predictability and the ability to optimize their pricing strategy. Market sentiment influences the average token value, and the distribution of bids reflects the demand and interest
  • Risk level choice for supporters: Supporters have the option to choose their preferred risk level, either developing complex strategies to maximize their investment returns, or opting for a simpler, more straightforward approach. Buyers can also tailor their strategy based on their risk tolerance and comfort level
  • Increasing amounts reflecting sentiment: The protocol teams determine the amount increases, but market sentiment ultimately influences token value. Projects with strong support can translate high demand into greater financial resources
  • Low technical barrier: The program is designed to be easily understood, even by newcomers. It doesn't require extensive technical knowledge and utilizes basic concepts of price movement, making it accessible to a wider audience
  • Adaptability and scalability: This format is adaptable and can be expanded with additional features over time, allowing launchers to tailor their token launch strategy

Overall, the PILOT program represents a significant step towards fair and equitable token launches, and brings benefits to all participants in the Kujira ecosystem.

Kujira is gradually expanding its ecosystem and moving forward. I am delighted to see how everything is gradually transforming into a single large DEX (Decentralized Exchange) that will attract users from established CEXs. Given the tense situation regarding regulations worldwide, I believe it is only a matter of time before DEXs surpass CEXs. Then, we will see what happens. If this does occur, Kujira will be well-placed.

Ondřej Tittl


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