Uniswap Labs has introduced its new Uniswap mobile wallet

Uniswap, one of the most trusted names in DeFi, has introduced a new mobile wallet in the form of a completely self-custodial, open-source app, offering users better and more versatile access to their dApps.

Uniswap Labs launches open-source mobile wallet for swapping and tracking tokens.

Uniswap Labs is bringing the power of Uniswap to your pocket with the new Uniswap mobile wallet, which is now available as a limited early release through Apple TestFlight.

The Uniswap wallet allows users to seamlessly swap and switch between Polygon, Arbitrum, and Optimism mainnets. In addition, users can send and receive ERC-20 tokens directly within the app. The wallet also offers features to track users’ favorite ERC-20s, NFTs, and wallets.


Uniswap wallet can be connected to the Ethereum mainnet or any L2 through WalletConnect. Users can also access Web 3.0 apps on different networks.


In the wallet, users can set up a range of notifications, such as  when their transactions complete, even if they made them on another device. It will be possible to unlock your wallet with FaceID, as well as back up your seed phrase manually, or have it encrypted in iCloud.


Security is paramount in DeFi, and the Uniswap wallet recognizes this by having their code audited by Trail of Bits, an independent audit company. Reports of the audit can be viewed on GitHub for transparency and accountability.

At this moment, the limited early release capacity is full, so if you want to try out Uniswap wallet, you must wait some time. If you’re wondering why early access is limited, here is the answer: Apple won’t green-light the launch of the Uniswap mobile wallet, and the Uniswap team still don’t know why. They submitted a mobile app months ago and even though they are 100 % compliant with their specifications, they are still stuck in limbo. Because of this, it has now opened the TestFlight app to 10,000 users, which is the maximum number of users possible without getting Apple’s approval.


DeFi participants need a wallet to do just about anything on-chain - swap, buy NFTs, and purchase crypto - but accessibility is a challenge for newcomers in particular. Uniswap is aware of this, so they have launched their new self-custodial wallet to be simple, safe, and easy to use. Self-custody is a core tenet of DeFi and ensures your crypto can't be misused by a centralized party. Uniswap wallet can be connected through WalletConnect to any app on Mainnet or L2s, and also will help users who want to back up their seed phrase on iCloud or manually.

The introduction of the Uniswap wallet to the ecosystem is a significant addition for DeFi participants, especially newcomers who need a simple, easy-to-use, safe self-custodial wallet to get started. With the TestFlight app now open, 10,000 users have the opportunity to try out the wallet. We look forward to when it becomes available to everyone!

René Užovič


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