Kava Surge Event

Kava Surge Event

The Kava Surge Event will allow liquidity providers on Kava Lend to increase their yield opportunities.

Kava has launched its Surge Event after a long wait, increasing the APY for selected assets to make them more attractive to users and encourage them to provide liquidity. Currently, this applies to USDT, USDC, and wBTC assets, with rewards coming in the KAVA token.


Anyone can join the Surge Event on the Kava blockchain.

Simply open Kava Lend, then:

  • Click on “Surge IS LIVE” button (for USDT, USDC, and wBTC)
  • Connect your wallet here
  • Choose a deposit (if you don't have the selected asset in your wallet, you will be redirected to the Multichain bridge to bridge the asset)
  • Confirm and enjoy higher APY


The Surge Event on the Kava blockchain is an excellent opportunity for users who want to earn higher returns on their assets. This event is designed to attract new users who provide liquidity on Kava Lend and thus help improve conditions for loans and swaps on the platform. Surge Events do not happen regularly, and there is no set time for this one’s end. This means that users should take advantage of every opportunity that arises when the Surge Event is active and provide their liquidity under favorable conditions. It is important to realize that this promotion provides a great opportunity for those who want to use their finances to earn greater returns and therefore, it should not be missed.

Surge has been launched for USDC and USDT and offers very attractive single staking APYs ranging from 20% to 25% (as of April 29, 2023). These percentages are very enticing for stablecoins, and I believe that many people could take advantage of this event and join the Kava blockchain to provide their liquidity.

Ondřej Tittl


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