Fantom Mainnet Release Update – go-opera 1.1.2-rc.5

The latest version of the Fantom mainnet, go-opera version 1.1.2-rc.5 has been announced.

The release includes several significant improvements, such as the processing of batched genesis blocks, the management of configurable databases, EVM parallel search logs, and optimizations to the P2P protocol. All APIs and Read Nodes will benefit from this latest update.

The go-opera version 1.1.2-rc.5 release features several enhancements to the database layer, including integration with multiple data store types (LevelDB and PebbleDB), and DB configurable management being based on specific rules. The release also introduces DB batch processing for genesis, and improved data flushing. In terms of the security of the opera node, stricter conditions have been implemented for starting LLR and txpool syncing, P2P connections have been restricted to specific IPs, and unlocking accounts is forbidden when external RPC is enabled. The performance has been further improved with the addition of additional caches and better block processing metrics.

There are 2 options for the new --db.preset flag:

  • ldb-1 - fastest LevelDB layout (default option)
  • pbl-1 - fastest Pebble layout

Pebble offers slightly better performance and smaller IO utilization on average, especially with the extended cache.

The team doesn't recommend using Pebble presets either for validators, or other mission-critical nodes.


  • Improved P2P and events / blocks processing
  • Faster genesis file processing
  • Enhanced log search performance

The go-opera version 1.1.2-rc.5 upgrade brings significant benefits to the system, as per the internal testing. P2P and events / blocks processing have seen an improvement of approximately 30 %, with genesis file processing being up to 3 times faster (excluding archived genesis files). Additionally, log search performance has been greatly enhanced, with each search now taking only 1/5 of the previous time.

The go-opera version 1.1.2-rc.5 upgrade offers a multitude of noteworthy improvements to the Fantom mainnet. These improvements include expedited processing speeds, optimized database management, and heightened security measures. This will likely have a positive effect on developers, and increase the stream of value to the chain.

Kiattisak Wongvorachart


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