Boba Network Upgrade

Boba Network has successfully performed an update to its core, to version The Beautiful Damascus Goat (v0.4.0).

The latest updates, in Boba network, bring infrastructure expansion, including the renaming of the Turing service to Hybrid Compute. This change allows developers to work with more complex Web 2.0 API interfaces, while presenting more structured data that was previously limited by constraints with length. Additionally, Boba Network has introduced the Bobalink service, which utilizes Hybrid Compute to bring Chainlink data from layer-1 or layer-2. While this is currently only available on the Goerli testnet, it will eventually be available on all of Boba's production deployments, including the Ethereum, Avax, Moonbeam, and Fantom blockchains.

In addition to these updates, the Boba network has added support for ERC-1155 alongside ERC-721 for bridging NFTs, fixing broken links and making it easier to function on the gateways. Boba Network has also retired Rinkeby for its testnets in favor of Goerli.

While updates have been made in various areas, Boba Network has also decided to temporarily suspend Ve tokenomics and the new DAO structure. Additionally, Boba Network has been working on stabilizing its local development environment, CICD pipeline, and testing. A status check has also been added to the fraud detector.

Looking to the future, Boba Network is working on implementing teleportation, which is a new feature that has not been publicly announced, and account abstraction, which is not yet usable. Thanks to the Optimism blockchain, Boba Network has also found the code for its proxyds and performed updates to its LZ bridges.


The latest update brings many improvements and new features for Hybrid Compute and the blockchain networks associated with Boba Network. One of the most significant enhancements is the acceleration of the computing power of Hybrid Compute, allowing users to perform more complex computing tasks more quickly and efficiently. This update also improves the stability and reliability of Hybrid Compute, ensuring that users can rely on the smooth operation of their applications.

Overall, the new update is a big step forward for Boba Network and Hybrid Compute, providing users with many new opportunities and improvements. Thanks to this update, users can trade and perform their computing tasks more efficiently and securely, which is very important for many users.

Ondřej Tittl


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