Kujira Ghost is live on Mainnet

Kujira has announced the introduction of GHOST, a money market tool that will work in conjunction with several other tools such as FIN, BOW, ORCA, USK, and BLUE. The aim is to make leverage options available to all members of the community. GHOST is fully integrated into the Kujira product suite and is expected to bring greater efficiency to the FIN markets. It will also give Kujira members the ability to use their KUJI for long or short trades. GHOST will create a foundation for higher volumes of ORCA, FIN perpetuals, margin trading, and liquidity bootstrapping for BOW and FIN.

Kujira’s GHOST allows users to borrow, lend, and perform long or short trades with any asset. The platform aims to provide leverage opportunities for all community members and enable them to add new assets anytime through community management.

One of GHOST's main features is its highest level of liquidation thanks to the ORCA tool. ORCA was a liquidation engine for a DeFi protocol with a TVL of 20 billion USD, which is a powerful tool that allows the entire Kujira community to benefit from liquidation, not just large market makers.

GHOST also boasts an intuitive user interface for asset borrowing and lending. So, you will be able to borrow USK against KUJI or vice versa, and you will no longer have to sell your assets if you want to get involved in market movements. This way, your assets can earn you additional profit without selling them. Or you can deposit your stablecoins and provide liquidity, which will earn you interest on loans.

Furthermore, it is considered a "DeFi Lego" and the platform will be a building block of liquidity for FIN perpetuals and margin trading. It will increase the FIN order book, ORCA volume, BOW liquidity and it will help USK return to the peg through arbitrage.



As can be seen from the KUJI price chart, the launch of Ghost has been received positively and the price has slowly started to rise. With the further expansion of its ecosystem, Kujira is slowly catching up to CEX’s and their services.

We must not forget that all VCs (Venture Capitalists) had their KUJI unlocks by the end of 2022 and large sell-offs have already largely taken place.

I remember Kujira from the old Terra blockchain, where it didn't even have a chance to showcase what it can do and Terra blockchain solved that for them. I see their team's decision to revive and return to Cosmos as a step in the right direction, and their expansion of services is good news for all those interested in DeFi and Cosmos. In my opinion, Kujira is poised for good times.

Ghost beautifully complements Kujira's ecosystem, which already provides almost all the tools that CEXs provide.

Ondřej Tittl


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