Explore Polygon's zkEVM mainnet beta

Polygon announces the launch of zkEVM mainnet beta

Polygon Labs has announced the launch of the Polygon zkEVM Mainnet beta version, promising to unlock the full potential of Web 3.0. ZkEVM is a breakthrough equivalent to the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), enabling smooth scaling for the Ethereum blockchain.

The development of zk-rollup scaling technology has been ongoing for three years. During this time, the Polygon zkEVM system has achieved several milestones:

Explore Polygon's zkEVM mainnet
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During testing, Polygon zkEVM garnered significant interest and ecosystem growth. As such, it underwent extensive testing and two audits to ensure its security during Mainnet Beta. Users and developers can expect full transparency regarding security measures. Further details about Mainnet Beta will be announced after its launch.


The benefit of zkEVM for Polygon is that it enables scaling of the Ethereum blockchain without compromising on its existing ecosystem, which is the best way to maintain the current Ethereum ecosystem.

The use of Polygon zkEVM is becoming cheaper and faster and can generate proofs in parallel, allowing for high throughput with transactions settled on layer 1 within minutes. The cost of proof for a similarly sized batch of transactions is very low.

After a long development and testing process, we can now finally see some progress in zk-proof technology. The Polygon team has dedicated a lot of time to this project, and I am excited to see the results of their work. The transition to full-scale zkEVM operation may not take too long from here.

Ondřej Tittl


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