Stake 2.0 Launches on TRON Mainnet

Stake 2.0 Launches on TRON Mainnet

Stake 2.0 is a new staking model in the TRON network that has been launched on the mainnet. The Stake 2.0 mechanism includes new interfaces for staking, unstaking, resource delegation, undelegation, and reward claiming, offering greater flexibility in asset management.

On April 7, 2023, the deployment of Stake 2.0 on the TRON blockchain's mainnet was approved in proposal 84.

Stake 1.0 is a mechanism by which users stake TRX to gain voting rights and bandwidth or energy resources. However, resource management in Stake 1.0 has not been flexible enough because staking and delegation operations are bound together and changing the receiving address requires unstaking and restaking. Additionally, the three-day unlocking policy limits the effectiveness of resource delegation. Developers cannot implement staking and voting-related instructions in smart contracts, which restricts applications related to staking and resource delegation.

Therefore, the new staking mechanism, Stake 2.0, is needed, as it separates low-frequency staking operations from high-frequency resource delegation operations, supports resource redistribution in the staking state, and improves resource management flexibility. Tron Virtual Machine (TVM) adds commands related to staking and voting to provide richer use cases for the ecosystem. The new mechanism should also support the delayed arrival of unstaked TRX and improve the stability of the staking model in volatile market environments, building a more predictable future of the entire network for its participants.

Difference between Stake 1.0 and Stake 2.0



Stake 2.0 addresses issues related to staking and resource delegation in the original Stake 1.0 version. With the new Stake 2.0 mechanism, there are also new opportunities for implementing staking, delegation, and voting in smart contracts, which could lead to the expansion of applications related to staking and resource delegation on the TRON blockchain. This new mechanism has contributed to the clarity of your staked TRX.

Overall, I see a significant step forward with the new Stake 2.0 regarding its capabilities, and what I find most appealing is the newly removed 3-day period during which you couldn't vote.

Ondřej Tittl


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