BNB Chain Launches New Ecosystem Bounty Board

BNB Chain Launches New Ecosystem Bounty Board

The broader public of developers and students can now participate in the development, and receive rewards in $BNB for completing tasks.

The BNB Chain team has introduced a new Ecosystem Bounty Board, which will publish tasks related to development, marketing, and content creation. Developers and contributors can offer their services and receive rewards for completing tasks, which will strengthen the BNB Chain ecosystem. Each task will be marked with requirements and a reward value, which varies according to the difficulty level and will be paid out in $BNB.

The first batch of tasks will focus on creating boilerplates for building DeFi, NFT, Infra, and mobile applications on the BNB Chain. The goal is to support developers and encourage BNB Chain projects to leverage the ecosystem of developers and contributors with their own tasks and rewards. People can join the Discord channel and check out the ‘Bounty Hunter’ section for more information on the latest rewards.

Current Rewards:

BNB Chain React Native Mobile Boilerplate

Reward: 500 USD in $BNB

Infrastructure Boilerplate

Reward: 300 USD in $BNB

NFTs Boilerplate

Reward: 300 USD in $BNB

DeFi Boilerplate

Reward: 300 USD in $BNB


This new program is likely to have a positive impact on the entire BNB ecosystem by attracting new talent to help with the implementation of new updates, and the development of the entire dApps ecosystem.

The BNB ecosystem is one of the largest ecosystems in the crypto world and its expansion involves many challenging tasks. However, an improved bounty board can bring positive changes. This new program will serve as a platform for acquiring new talent and involving more people in the development of BNB Chain. If more people are successfully attracted to actively participate in the development and improvement of the BNB Chain, it will bring many benefits and, ultimately, help expand the ecosystem.

Ondřej Tittl


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