TRON's Stake 2.0 on Nile

TRON Stake 2.0 has been launched on Nile testnet

Stake 2.0 is a new staking model on the TRON network that has been launched on the Nile testnet. The Stake 2.0 mechanism includes new interfaces for staking, unstaking, resource delegation, undelegation, and reward claiming, offering greater flexibility with asset management.

On February 14, 2023, TRON blockchain announced the launch of its Stake 2.0 on the Nile testnet.

Stake 2.0 is a completely new stake mechanism designed by the TRON community. Compared with Stake 1.0, it improves stake flexibility, reduces the complexity of user operations, and enhances the efficiency of resource delegation and utilization. Stake 2.0 also enables the seamless integration of the stake system and TVM (Tron Virtual Machine), supports stake and resource delegation operations in smart contracts, and expands the use cases of TRON smart contracts.

TRON blockchain is gradually adapting its development tools to support Stake 2.0:

  • Testnet browser: TronScan Nile
  • SDK: Tronweb v5.1.0 (Javascript)
  • Smart contract tool: Tron IDE, TronBox
  • CLI wallet: Wallet-cli

The launch of Stake 2.0 on the mainnet is planned for the end of March 2023, and will depend on the progress of testing on the Nile testnet.


Stake 2.0 addresses issues related to staking and resource delegation in the original version, Stake 1.0. With the new mechanism of Stake 2.0, there are also new opportunities for implementing staking, delegation, and voting in smart contracts, which could lead to the expansion of applications related to staking and resource delegation in the TRON blockchain. Overall, significant improvements are expected for users and the entire TRON ecosystem with the new mechanism.

Testing is currently underway smoothly, so it looks like the launch on the mainnet should be at the end of March, as announced. I'm curious to see how it will all work and whether all issues will have been addressed to make the staking mechanism more user-friendly.

Ondřej Tittl


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