Injective Integrates Solana Assets

New Era of Composability: Injective Integrates Solana Assets

Thanks to the integration of Wormhole with the Injective blockchain, solana can now enter the entire Cosmos ecosystem.

Thanks to the integration of the Wormhole protocol, Injective has become the most interoperable blockchain within the Cosmos ecosystem, as it is the only one that supports the protocol for passing messages between proven layer-1 blockchains.

Now, it has leveraged cross-chain technology from Wormhole to create a new gateway for $SOL to enter the Injective and Cosmos ecosystem, with a seamless UX.

Composability, the ability to combine various financial products and services, is key to the development of the DeFi ecosystem. Without composability, DeFi applications are siloed and operate independently. However, by integrating different financial applications, the Injective ecosystem can scale more easily and unlock new and innovative use cases. This progress is a long-term goal of the Injective community, which brings together decentralized financial elements to introduce new financial systems. Injective offers users a network that is capable of achieving higher capital efficiency, and unlocks new financial opportunities for individual and institutional users.


New opportunities can arise from the integration of DeFi projects on the Injective platform with Solana assets. Users can benefit from efficient trading, yields, and creating new primitives, leading to new use cases for Solana assets on the Injective platform. This integration can lead to the creation of new paths for cross-chain composability between DeFi protocols on Solana and Injective.

I see the expansion of $SOL on the Injective blockchain as good news. Solana has been losing momentum lately and competitors are slowly but surely catching up, so it needs more connections like this to continue its development. Injective has a lot to offer in this regard.

Ondřej Tittl


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