Arbitrum SDK latest version

The latest version of the Arbitrum SDK has been released

The latest version of the Arbitrum SDK includes new features and improvements such as depositing via a repeatable ticket, reading classic L1-L2 messages, creating signed L2 transactions, and more.

Arbitrum developers have released a new version of the SDK with several updates and features for EthBridger, Erc20Bridger, L1TransactionReceipt, L1ToL2MessageCreator, InboxTools, and Networks.

  • EthBridger includes updates with a new static method for creating an instance with a provider called "createInstanceWithProvider." Additionally, a method has been added for depositing funds via a repeatable ticket, with the option to choose the target address
  • Erc20Bridger also has a new static method for creating an instance with a provider
  • L1TransactionReceipt has two new functions. The first is for reading classic layer-1-to-layer-2 messages, and the second method is for checking whether a transaction was made on Classic or Nitro. Additionally, "getL1ToL2Messages" has been updated to display an error when attempting to read classic messages
  • L1ToL2MessageCreator has an updated "createRetryableTicket" method, which was not previously behaving correctly
  • InboxTools has two new functions: one for creating a signed layer-2 transaction and the other for sending a signed layer-2 transaction to the Inbox
  • Networks has a new function that specifies the first Nitro layer-1 block. Additionally, links to block explorers for Arbitrum Goerli and Arbitrum Nova have been updated, and Rinkeby and Arbitrum Rinkeby have been removed from the list of supported networks

Several documentation fixes have also been made, as well as internal changes to CI and testing.


The Arbitrum SDK provides common utility functions and access to basic smart contract interfaces. Each update makes it easier and faster to use.

Regular updates to development kits like the SDK are crucial for expanding the entire ecosystem. Arbitrum is fulfilling this role 100 %, which I believe is one of the main reasons for the success of this layer-2 solution.

Ondřej Tittl


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