Quant Network has updated Overledger

At the beginning of March, Quant Network announced an update to its Overledger platform, releasing version 2.2.25. This update brings interesting new features and enhancements aimed at increasing the functionality and security of the platform for developers.

One of the main improvements in this version is the extended QRC-20 API token monitoring feature in all supported networks. With this, developers will have a clear overview of chain activities by being able to track QRC-20 smart contract events via callback URL updates.

In addition, Quant Network has also introduced additional ERC-20 token support in the Goerli test network (a test network for the Ethereum blockchain). To support developers using Goerli for their testnet builds, the company has released the Test QNT faucet (ERC-20). This will allow developers to create and test applications using their ERC-20 token type APIs in Goerli.

As part of their continued efforts to improve the security of the Quant Network platform, they have also introduced Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) for all developer accounts. This means that developers will now have to set up MFA upon their next login to confirm their identity and ensure the security of their account. After setting up MFA, developers will receive MFA checks every time they log in.


The support of ERC-20 tokens for Goerli on the Quant Network platform will make it easier for developers using the Ethereum blockchain testnet through Overledger. This update will bring overall system acceleration and improved verification through the implementation of MFA.

Quant Network is known for its innovative technology, Overledger, which allows for the interconnectivity of different blockchain networks, creating a unified, interoperable system. To ensure that this technology is as efficient and secure as possible, Quant Network regularly updates Overledger on a monthly basis. Each update brings new improvements and bug fixes, advancing the overall system and its credibility.

Ondřej Tittl


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