Google Cloud Becomes a "Baker" for Tezos and Launches Tezos Incubator Program for Startups

The integration of Google with the Tezos network is the latest in a series of integrations between blockchain networks and cloud computing platforms. In October, Google began hosting node infrastructure for Ethereum projects, and shortly after, it became a validator on the Solana platform.

The partnership between Google Cloud and the Tezos Foundation aims to make it easier to deploy Tezos nodes for building Web 3.0 applications, and allows corporate customers of Google Cloud to become bakers in the Proof of Stake Tezos blockchain and earn rewards. Google Cloud will also provide credits and mentoring for selected startups under the Google for Startups Cloud Program. This is an important step towards institutional adoption and the widespread proliferation of Web 3.0 technology. James Tromans, Director of Web 3.0 Engineering at Google Cloud, stated that their service provides secure and reliable infrastructure for Web 3.0 founders and developers, so they are free to innovate and scale their applications.


This partnership will bring more bakers into the Tezos blockchain, making the network even stronger than it was before. Another positive aspect is the opportunity to join the Startups Cloud Program and access funding for ecosystem development on Tezos.

Google is one of the largest and most well-known technology companies in the world, and has a significant influence on the overall development of the digital world. With the rise of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Google has decided to leverage its technological know-how and develop infrastructure for new startups in this area. This collaboration also shows that Google is willing to get involved in the crypto world and support its development, which could have a major impact on the overall adoption of blockchain and cryptocurrencies, helping to bring the technology into the mainstream.

Ondřej Tittl


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