DefiLlama is the largest TVL aggregator for decentralized finance (DeFi). All data is open source and is maintained by a team of passionate individuals and contributors from hundreds of protocols. The DefiLlama platform aims to provide accurate data from over 145 different blockchains and over 1 955 DeFi protocols.

DefiLlama is an analytics platform for tracking data from various blockchain networks. Providing comprehensive and detailed information on all blockchains and the applications (dApps) that have been developed on them.

By collecting data from over 145 different blockchains and thousands of decentralized applications, the DefiLlama platform provides users with the opportunity to analyze potential investments. In addition to other useful features, it allows a user to track the position of blockchains in decentralized finance (DeFi) and their overall TVL.

All data on the platform is available for free and can be integrated with other sites through public API.

The platform has a dashboard where users may navigate between different analytics associated with the DeFi world. The dashboard contains the following categories: DeFi, Yields, Borrow Aggregator, CEX Transparency, Bridges, Liquidations, DEXs, Fees, Raises, Stables, Hacks. Each of these will display its own subcategories when clicked. The homepage of the platform displays the total TVL in DeFi. Approximately 41.11 billion USD were in circulation at the time of writing this article.



  • With DefiLlama, you can track the entire decentralized finance ecosystem on one platform
  • Using the platform is completely free
  • Through the public API, it is possible to integrate data from the platform with other websites
  • Investment opportunities can be searched directly on the platform
  • Data tracking capabilities, including future airdrops, fees, funding rounds for upcoming apps, liquidations, hacks, etc.
  • A custom watchlist


  • In the early stages of using decentralized finance, novice users may find it difficult to comprehend the sheer number of terms involved
  • Data related to blockchains and DeFi protocols lacks in-depth research
  • The platform is only available in one language
DeFiLlama airdrop
To integrate DefiLlama data, simply use their public API, which is available for free. Here is the link.
In the dashboard, if you expand the DeFi category, you will find many subcategories from which you can select and draw new information. My favorite subcategory is Airdrops. Expanding it will show you the projects that are expected to have airdrops in the future. Each protocol has a brief description that can be viewed by clicking on it. For more information about the eligibility requirements for a particular airdrop, there are links to official platforms or social networks.

Analyst opinion

For investors who are serious about investing in decentralized finance, the DefiLlama aggregator should become their primary tool. The platform integrates data from blockchains and applications built on top of them to provide a comprehensive analytics platform. Data is presented to users in a simple and understandable manner. On the platform, investors and traders can search for blockchains and analyze dApps developed on them completely free of charge. After finding one that appeals to them, the platform provides them with information about the specific protocol and a link to the relevant website. As part of the DeFiLlama platform, all data / statistics can also be integrated to other websites via API.

While it may take some time to become familiar with all of its features, I am confident that the time spent learning and analyzing projects will pay for itself many times over in the future.

René Užovič

René Užovič


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