DeBank is a service that allows you to track your portfolio and to manage your DeFi assets. Premium users are able to track whales, enhanced bundles and access tokens, protocols and NFT analysis.


The tool will allow you to track 1704 protocols across 44 blockchains. Basically, when you connect your wallet, you are able to see how many assets you own and how much they are worth. You can also track your NFTs and see your full transaction history, which might be helpful if you want to monitor where your money has gone. To know how much your portfolio is growing, you can look at the time machine section, which will show how your net worth has changed over time.

DeBank Products

DeBank works as a sort of social network. All information shown above can be seen by others, which means you can follow whales and see what they are doing with their assets. This can be a great resource of information when investing in DeFi. The developers are also planning on adding a new feature called Hi, which will allow users to communicate with each other.

In the future, the site will contain enhanced bundles as well as token, protocol and NFT analysis, which will all be available in the pro version. During beta testing, “DeBank Pro” will be available to all users who own a Web 3.0 ID. DeBank also offers the possibility to mint your own ID for 96 USD (Dec, 2022).

To use DeBank, you can either download the DeBank app onto your phone or use the official website in your browser.


  • Good user interface
  • You can see what certain whales are doing
  • The community can vote for new upgrades
  • Fast development and a bright future


  • The premium version is expensive
I can only recommend watching all the big players whose stats are available on DeBank. For people who are new to DeFi, watching how whales operate on a daily basis can be useful, and can further develop your knowledge of DeFi.
DeBank portfolio
DeBank Whales

Analyst opinion

DeBank is a great tool when it comes to watching all the assets you have in your portfolio. It offers a good user interface, and is really easy to use. As well as that, the history and time machine functions are good for tracking your finances and how your portfolio is changing.

Another likable feature of DeBank is the possibility to see what other people, particularly whales, are doing, and how they are moving their assets. Even though all this information is public and available online, DeBank does a great job of organizing it and putting it into one place.

Despite the fact that most of the services are free, I do not like the DeBank Pro, which everyone will have to pay for. As the developers have not yet shown us what the service will look like, people might not be willing to pay 96 USD to access the beta.

Matěj Procházka

Matěj Procházka


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