Staking rewards

Staking rewards

Staking Rewards is a leading data aggregator for staking most available crypto assets. It allows you to see what cryptocurrencies are worth following thanks to the many investment tools and gathered data.

Staking Rewards was founded in 2017. Since then, it has become the largest staking-focused website, used by over 400 thousand people on a monthly basis. Their data is also used by one of the largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world: Coinbase.

Right now, Staking Rewards is tracking 170 yield-bearing assets and 249 trusted providers. You can sort all those assets by the following categories: staking, DeFi, stable coins, lending, Proof-of-Stake (PoS), masternodes, launching soon and NEAR protocol. In each category, you will see a list of assets that belong to it, and the website also shows you the price, 24h price change, rewards, adjusted rewards, staking market cap, market cap and staking ratio. You can also create your own watchlist and add your favorite assets to it.

Staking Rewards

If you are interested in finding out more about specific providers, the site will allow you to sort them by the following criteria: providers, DeFi, exchanges, wallets and verified providers. The category of provider will show you the staked value, number of users, featured assets, country and SR Rating, which shows you how trustworthy the provider is. The SR Rating is made by the team behind Staking Rewards as a new feature, which was introduced on 3 November 2022. The verified providers category has a strong connection to this recent rating.  You can read more about how the ratings work here.

The category DeFi looks similar, but you can only see staked value, rewards, number of users and featured assets. The category exchanges and wallets will only show you featured assets, country of origin and reviews. The reviews are from Staking Reward users and may serve you well in terms of showing you how trustworthy a specific project is.

Staking Rewards

Another thing that Staking Rewards can offer you is more detailed info about the asset or a provider that you have chosen. For an asset, it will show you additional information regarding how the resource is performing, its social networks, and much more. The same applies to the providers, where you can see a range of information, including who is behind the project. All this can be further used when you come to invest in projects and cryptocurrencies.

Staking Rewards solana

In addition, the site contains a calculator which you can use to calculate your earnings from staking. Please be aware that the site does not accept any responsibility for the results or its accuracy.


  • Free to use – you do not have to pay for anything as the website is financed by ads, - the only exception is the use of API, which you have to pay for
  • Offers a huge amount of information – all information is available in specific categories, and the company also publishes a lot of articles from the crypto world
  • Tutorials – the site offers a lot of tutorials describing how to invest in crypto, mainly through staking


  • Confusing for beginners – despite the fact that most terms are described, people who do not possess much information about the crypto world might get confused 
  • Only available in one language – you can only access all the information in English
If you want to stay updated, and you are looking for a regular source of news, do not hesitate to join the Staking Rewards newsletter. It will supply you with news and you can stay ahead even if you are not actively looking for new information. Also, be sure to check out the “Journal” part of the website, which can be another information source. Always do your research before investing any money (DYOR).

Analyst opinion

For people who are interested in staking cryptocurrencies, Staking Rewards offers a lot. It allows you to see which currencies are worthy of your time and money and is a great tool for investors, both minor and major. The extra bonus is that the site is free. If you want to get better at staking, Staking rewards is a site you should definitely use on a daily basis. One thing that I like, and that not many other services in the field are offering, is the new SR rating that shows you the credibility of the provider. This rating can be another aspect in your decision as to whether you should invest into a particular project.

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