DEX SCREENER is a powerful analytics tool that shows pair pricing across multiple decentralized exchanges and tools. It supports more than 20,000 coins and allows you to watch how they develop by dividing them by parameters into many categories.

DEX SCREENER is a website used by many people, mostly investors, thanks to its ability to track data on huge amounts of crypto assets. It is free to use and keeps its data up to date.

The tool gathers data from a huge number of decentralized exchanges and shows you how the price of a certain asset is developing. You can see price, TXNS, volume, price change in time, liquidity and FDV. Furthermore, you can sort all the data by multiple categories like transaction count, buys, sells, price change, pair age, fully diluted valuation and much more.

After choosing a specific asset, the website will show you an interactive chart allowing you to further work with the data. When using the tool, you can create your own watchlist and add specific assets to it. You can also set up a price alert for your favorite ones. To do so, you must first enable browser notifications.  

Creating a multichart is another key feature of the tool. Multicharts are used to track multiple assets at the same time. Above all, the new pair feature shows newly traded pairs listed on some exchanges. Meanwhile, with the gainers and losers category, you are able to see which assets are doing well, and which are not.


  • It supports a lot of assets
  • Provides good and up-to-date information
  • You can sort out assets by many categories and stats
  • Free to use


  • Not user-friendly
  • Only available in English
If you do not have enough time to watch all the charts, you might consider following the official Twitter account of DEX SCREENER, which posts every hour about important price changes to certain crypto assets.
Using the price alert and watchlist feature is helpful when focusing only on specific assets while investing your money.

Analyst opinion

DEX SCREENER is a great tool for everyone who wants to trade crypto. You do not have to pay for anything, but you still have access to a great data resource, which you can then sort according to your needs and goals. DEX SCREENER has many features which are helpful (e.g., category gainers and losers or trends).

Even though it is a great tool for investors because of its complexity, for people who are new to trading, the whole website might be confusing and overwhelming. It takes some time to orient yourself, as there are no instructions on how to use it and the collected data. Despite that, using the tool is free, so you could spend a lot of time studying all it has to offer. It might be hard to get started, but as the saying goes, hard work pays off - and that is exactly the case with DEX SCREENER.

Matěj Procházka

Matěj Procházka


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