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Basic Information

SubWallet is a software non-custodial wallet built on top of Polkadot, allowing you to reach the Polkadot and Kusama ecosystems. You can store your crypto assets like tokens and NFTs in your SubWallet, as well as connecting to hundreds of dApps.


SubWallet is a free wallet that is used as a web browser extension. You can use it via Google Chrome, Brave, Firefox or MS Edge. The safety of the wallet is provided by a 12-word seed and also by a password of your choice. Another safety aspect is that the developers have successfully passed the Verichains security audit and you can view their open-source Github Project. Owners of Ledger hardware wallets will appreciate the possibility to connect both wallets.

SubWallet allows you to store your tokens and NFTs running on the blockchains listed above. You can use the wallet for staking and crowd loaning your favorite project, as well as getting involved in the DeFi world through the integration with a range of dApps. The developers are working on integrating more dApps and you can find the whole list of currently supported dApps here.

Pros and Cons


  • Open source Github project
  • Easy to create and use
  • You can connect it to a Ledger hardware wallet


  • You cannot log out of the wallet
  • Compared with other software wallets, the whole project is still in its early stage

Supported Chains

The wallet mainly supports the Polkadot and Kusama blockchains as well as all attached parachains, but it also supports some EVM chains, testnet networks and solo chains.

All supported networks can be found here.

Tips from an Analyst

The security of the wallet is provided by a seed phrase. Please make sure you never share your seed with anyone else, and that you keep a record of the it offline; i.e., on a piece of paper or a metal plate. Putting your seed phrase on an electronic device might result in the loss of all your assets stored in a particular wallet.

If anyone gains access to your seed phrase, they will be able to steal your assets and there will not be anything you or the wallet developers can do about it.

Personal Opinion

SubWallet is an almost brand-new wallet that is really easy to use. It provides security with a seed phrase, which must be kept safe. The whole project only started back in November 2021, so it does not have as many users as its competition. I think everyone can appreciate that the developers have created a simple how-to guide, which can be accessed as a GitBook.  

There is not much else to say, considering the short history of the wallet. So far, there have not been any known security leaks, and the project team is clearly active, working  to create the best possible product, including adding more dApps as they go. It is too early to tell if the project will be successful in the long term, but I personally believe that SubWallet is a crypto project worth following.


Matěj Procházka

Matěj Procházka


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