February 1, 2023


Keplr wallet

Basic Information

Keplr is a non-custodial wallet that allows you to safely interact with web-based blockchain apps. With a web extension and mobile app, you can take advantage of the opportunity to safely store assets within the Cosmos ecosystem.


Considering the rapid development of the Cosmos ecosystem, the developers decided to create a simple and user-friendly wallet that will allow users to store all the cryptocurrencies of the Cosmos ecosystem. The dream was that the user would no longer need to have multiple wallets, even considering the complexity and branching of the entire ecosystem. At the same time, there was a desire to create a wallet that secures communication with as many decentralized applications (dApps) as possible.

Due to the constantly expanding number of supported blockchains and dApps, it seems that developers are successfully achieving their goals. The wallet can be used to send, receive or exchange cryptocurrencies across the entire Cosmos ecosystem. At the same time, the wallet allows for staking and earning related rewards. Staking can also allow you to utilize your governance rights afterwards.

The wallet is non-custodial. Therefore, the developers do not have access to your private keys, which are stored on your device. The safety is further enhanced by the option to link the Keplr wallet to the Ledger hardware wallet. Keplr can be run as an extension in the browser (Google Chrome and Firefox) or on Android and iOS mobile phones.

Pros and Cons


  • Linking to the Ledger hardware wallet – allows even more safety for your funds
  • Security – no breaches of the wallet's security features have been reported
  • An interesting staking service option in the Cosmos ecosystem
  • Easy installation and pleasant UI


  • Does not support NFTs – unfortunately there is no option to use the wallet to store NFTs
  • Only Cosmos specialized – funds from other blockchains cannot be stored in the wallet

Supported Chains

Keplr supports blockchains in the Cosmos ecosystem. These include Osmosis, Akash and many others.

A complete list of all supported assets is available here.

Tips from an Analyst

Keplr is available both via web browser and mobile devices. Many appreciate the freedom to manage their funds on different platforms. However, with freedom comes great responsibility. You should treat the devices you use to access your wallet with caution considering the amounts you invest. In any case, you should not disclose personal data to anyone, even to the wallet developers themselves. They do not need it as a matter of principle for the functioning of the wallet. Make sure to download the wallet only from the official website of the developers.

Keplr extension

At the same time, you should write down your seed on a piece of paper or a metal plate. Although this is a mantra repeated on every website, there are those who do not do it, risk potentially losing their assets, and then cry over spilt milk they could have avoided easily.

Personal Opinion

The Cosmos ecosystem has been growing in popularity since its launch. If you wish to enter this part of the crypto world, I think Keplr is the right choice. Despite its brief existence, it offers solid security, which, according to available information, has never been breached. Plus, it offers a link to the Ledger hardware wallet as a bonus. Its popularity is reflected in the huge number of people who use it on a daily basis.

Although Keplr takes pride in its huge support for the Cosmos ecosystem, it is frustrating that it cannot be used to store cryptocurrencies running on different blockchains. However, given the wallet's rapid development, it may only be a matter of time before its support is extended to other blockchains. If that happens, Keplr could quickly and easily become one of the most popular wallets in the entire crypto world.





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