Ondřej Tittl

Chain Research Analyst

About Ondřej Tittl

I first heard about cryptocurrencies in 2017, but after the crash in 2018, I thought they were dead and stopped paying attention to them. In 2020, I talked to a friend and brought up the topic of cryptocurrencies. I found out that this industry is not dead and so I dove into the world of cryptocurrencies fully. I started exploring the DeFi world, which is incredibly diverse and innovative, but also harsh and fast-paced. Projects that you are excited about their functioning and never thought they would fail and suddenly disappear from the world of cryptocurrencies. All of this requires attention and constantly having up-to-date information about what is happening in DeFi. That's why I'm glad that ChralieDeFi was created, which allows new and experienced DeFi users to delve deeper into the detailed functioning of blockchain or protocols. There's nothing better than having a team of people around you who are just as enthusiastic about DeFi as you are and do their work with love because it's also their hobby. In exploring the DeFi world, I met many new and interesting people whom I am still in contact with today and without whom I would not be where I am today. I hope that ChralieDeFi will create an educational and friendly environment so that everyone can be convinced that crypto, especially DeFi, is not just a fraudulent projects in which you lose your money, but also people who are happy to help and guide you through this world.