Bharat Advani

Protocol Research Analyst

Hey, I'm Bharat Advani, aka 'bradvani'. I've been full-time in crypto since 2019 and have become extremely passionate about orange pilling everyone else and helping the world understand the power of this revolutionary technology.

With my previous experience working at a crypto marketing agency, I gained invaluable insights into strategies used by early-stage projects and worked with them to build their launch strategies and navigate the challenges of the decentralized world. Currently, I specialise in experimenting with upcoming protocols, testing new DeFi dApps & other innovative smart contract applications, which are bound to be at the forefront of the latest trends.

Being part of the CharlieDeFi team has given me the ability to collaborate my thoughts with some of the best minds in the space and access to the most cutting-edge alpha. Something that even the most seasoned crypto investor would struggle to find alone. The CharlieDeFi team’s mission is to help you level up your crypto skills, explore the endless opportunities of the decentralized world and make this the most transformative technology for your greater good. Let's dive in, build the future of finance and create a better tomorrow for ourselves.