5. Adding tokens to the MetaMask wallet

In the previous tutorial, we added two mainnets (BSC and AVAX). If you want to keep track of your crypto portfolio on these chains, it's helpful to add these tokens to your MetaMask wallet beforehand. You can then easily check the amount and type of tokens in your wallet.

If you want to add a token manually, you will need the contract address of that token. We never take token contract addresses from questionable sites or scanners. We only take the contract address from the documentation of the project or official website.

To illustrate, we will show USDT on the BSC chain that we added to the MetaMask wallet in the previous chapter.

Click on 'Import tokens' and insert the token contract address, you can find it here and confirm.

add tokens to metamask
import tokens to metamask
add tokens to metamask
add tokens to metamask

After adding the USDT on BSC, switch to the Avalanche mainnet and add the USDT.e token in the same way.

The token contract address can be found here.

Analyst opinion

You shall now see the USDT token on the BSC chain and the USDT.e token on the AVAX chain in your wallet, as in the pictures. Similarly, you can add any other token to your MetaMask wallet in this manner, and have a better overview of your crypto portfolio.

Ondřej Tittl


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