Scroll Airdrop

Why do we farm this airdrop?

  1. Scroll has raised 80 million USD from well-known investors like Polychain Capital, Sequoia China, Bain Capital Crypto, Moore Capital Management, and Variant Fund, among others. Often, investments of this scale in token-less ecosystems hint at upcoming airdrops
  2. Scroll mainnet is planned for launch in Q4, 2023
  3. As with any Layer 2 (L2) launch, it is likely that part of their marketing strategy to increase adoption and expand is to reward users in some way for early adoption and support of the project


Scroll is an Ethereum-based L2 solution, known as a zkEVM, offering an advanced enhancement for the Ethereum blockchain that prioritizes scalability and security. By leveraging zero-knowledge proofs, it offers a highly responsive layer on Ethereum to accommodate more users, seamlessly. Developed in collaboration with the Ethereum community, Scroll's L2 rollup network, ensures all activities align with Ethereum's standards, and are fortified by its smart contracts.

Technical Highlights

  • Scalability: A major emphasis on scalability ensures faster operations than on Ethereum's primary layer
  • EVM Compatibility: Enables developers who are familiar with Solidity to smoothly transition their work to Scroll
  • Safety: Numerous top level researchers/developers are contributing to their open-source code, which can be found on their Github.


Cost: Free (testnet)

Time required: 15 mins

Airdrop: Not-confirmed

Steps to follow

Visit our X profile and follow the steps to become eligible for the airdrop.

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Analyst Opinion

Maria Belen Martinez Andrasko


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