opBNB Odyssey Campaign and Airdrop

Guide to opBNB's Odyssey from Testnet to Mainnet Campaign:  Claim Your Genesis NFT & a Share in the 50,000 USD BNB Airdrop

Binance Smart Chain is launching an exciting campaign as part of its 3rd anniversary celebrations, and to mark the August launch of opBNB on mainnet. The campaign represents a chance for the BNB community to claim an opBNB Genesis NFT, as well as a share in a BNB airdrop worth 50,000 USD.


What is the Genesis NFT?

The Genesis NFT will serve as a special VIP identity for users within the opBNB mainnet ecosystem, offering them an exclusive, distinguished status with various benefits and privileges once the opBNB mainnet is launched, including:

  • Unrestricted participation in activities: Holders can participate in all activities held on the BNB Chain without any threshold or limitations
  • Priority in airdrop programs: Holders will be given priority when participating in airdrop programs that are organized by BNB Chain's partners
  • Priority access to whitelist slots: Holders will be given priority access to whitelist slots, which could mean early access or special privileges within the BNB Chain or its partners
  • Priority access to BNB Chain's SWAG: Holders will be granted special access to e.g. merchandise, promotions, or other benefits

Minting the Genesis NFT

The Genesis NFT minting will be available from September 15 to 20, 2023. Keep an eye on X and the designated landing page to find the mint link. After the opBNB mainnet launch, BNB rewards will be sent to the addresses participating in the opBNB mainnet within a two-week timeframe.

Who can get involved?

Users who have completed both the "Step 1 tasks" and "Step 2 tasks" will qualify for the airdrop. Those who have completed all "Qualify for Entry" (which belongs to Step 1 tasks" will get the Genesis NFT.

Meanwhile, the 50,000 USD’s worth of BNB rewards will be divided based on the proportion of total points obtained by the top 100 users (and all users with the same total points as the user who ranked 100th). The upper limit for this reward is 2,000 USD in BNB per user.

Qualify for Entry tasks - first step

When and how can I get a Genesis NFT and a share in the 50,000 USD airdrop?

Step 1

Qualify for entry (Deadline: 2023/08/25 11:00 GMT+02:00)

  • Navigate to the opBNB Odyssey campaign page
  • Once you are there, click on "Get Started"
  • Choose the Step 1 Task "Qualify for Entry"
  • Finish 3 entry tasks to claim 300 points
  • Click "Join Now" to be redirected to the tasks page, complete them, and then click "Claim 300 points"
You can't perform tasks from Step 2 if you first don't complete the tasks from "Step 1."
Getting started
Click on the Step 1
Click on "Join Now"
Click on "Claim 300 points"

Step 2

Earn more points (until August 25)

  • Now, after finishing the previous steps in Step 1, proceed to click on the "Get started" blue button
  • Start completing the tasks such as depositing, withdrawing, and minting an NFT, among others
  • There is no need to stress over the process or specifics of performing each task in Step 2, as this comprehensive guide will lead you through the completion of each task
Step 2 focuses on accumulating more points. In this section, it is clear that by finishing these second set of tasks, you will gain more points, allowing you to enter the leaderboard. The top 100 participants will have the opportunity to divide a prize pool consisting of an airdrop worth 50,000 USD in BNB
Click on "Get started" blue button
Second part of the tasks

Dive into the campaign details

For more information, visit this official page and from all of us, the very best of luck!

Analyst Opinion

The introduction of opBNB, the first and new Layer 2 optimistic rollup scaling solution from Binance Smart Chain (BSC), signifies a groundbreaking moment for the BNB community and the broader blockchain industry. Here's an exploration of why this development is so significant and why participation in the "opBNB's Odyssey from testnet to mainnet" campaign is advisable.

Importance of opBNB

  • Scalability and Savings: opBNB boosts BNB Smart Chain's capacity by processing transactions off-chain, ensuring higher throughput and reducing fees. This makes opBNB appealing for both users and developers
  • Interoperability: opBNB facilitates easy cross-chain interactions, allowing Ethereum apps to work on it with few code adjustments, thus expanding Binance Smart Chain's capabilities
  • Utilizing Established Tools: Developers can leverage the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) with opBNB, encouraging synergy between Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain and accelerating innovation in dApps
  • Growing the Community: Addressing scalability and cost attracts more developers and users to BSC, speeding up dApp adoption
  • Empowering Advanced Apps: opBNB's ability to handle more transactions makes it easier to create more complex and demanding applications on BSC

Genesis NFT and opBNB's Odyssey Campaign

While the Genesis NFT already stands as an exciting asset within the opBNB ecosystem, the potential implications extend further. On one hand, the immediate privileges such as unrestricted participation and priority in current airdrops are clear. On the other hand, the future prospects of this NFT remain tantalizingly mysterious and promising.

It can be possible (though no one knows yet) that the Genesis NFT may unlock potential use cases such as being eligible for another more substantial airdrop from opBNB L2 in the future. The doors may not stop there, as the BNB Chain's idea of "Priority in Airdrop Programs" hints at a broader horizon.

This could include prioritization in airdrop programs organized by Binance Smart Chain's partners, allowing holders to reap benefits beyond the immediate ecosystem. Since some projects may require participants to hold specific NFTs or certain quantities to qualify for an airdrop, owning this particular Genesis NFT might be the key that unlocks these unique opportunities.

In essence, minting and possessing this Genesis NFT may not only signify a badge of privilege within the current opBNB sphere but could also serve as a catalyst for future opportunities, aligning with various airdrops or exclusive access within the broader Binance Smart Chain network and its affiliates.

Considering the unpredictable nature of Layer 2 launches, engaging with opBNB today could be the first strategic move to be at the forefront of a future rich in opportunities. 

Maria Belen Martinez Andrasko


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