Linea Airdrop

Why are we focusing on this potential airdrop?

  • The mainnet has already been launched
  • Like most airdrops, nothing is confirmed. However, if there is an airdrop, it could be huge. Consensys has already raised 450 million USD, which is why people are beginning to speculate that Linea could be one of the biggest potential airdrops ever
  • Now, the rumor mill has been buzzing about ConsenSys possibly introducing a token for Linea. While Nicolas Liochon, the Global Lead for Linea, didn't deny the prospects of a Linea token, he also hinted that its debut might not be on the horizon. Yet, the longer-term potential remains, and considering that other L2 solutions like BASE, Polygon zkEVM and zkSync are all in the running to follow the airdrop trend, there's a possibility ConsenSys might take a similar route with Linea down the line, particularly to bolster its adoption. Liochon also posed a rhetorical question, shedding light on their philosophy. “What's our priority? A quick buck or building something substantial?” His response? They're in it for the long game, focusing on creating tangible solutions.


Linea is an innovative blockchain technology brought to you by Consensys, a leading company in the Web 3.0 software space, which also created the popular browser wallet, MetaMask, and currently manages Infura, a top Web 3.0 infrastructure provider. This new platform operates on a L2 (layer 2) blockchain and utilizes advanced zero-knowledge (ZK) cryptography, making transactions both cheaper and quicker.

As is the case with other L2s, being compatible with EVM (Ethereum Virtual Machine), Linea facilitates smooth Ethereum developments, allowing creators to bypass the usual challenges associated with speed and high costs. Even though it's a newcomer in the layer-2 space, Linea has already had a significant impact, successfully processing over 50 million USD in transactions on its network, a testament to its burgeoning success. Its roots in Consensys, the powerhouse behind MetaMask, only adds to its potential and trustworthiness in the evolving blockchain scene.

Linea has already gone through several security checks. If you check the "Previous Audits" section of their official documents, you'll find links to reports provided by ConsenSys Diligence, a tool and service provided by ConsenSys, which has reviewed different parts of the Linea system.

Some facts: Linea network has already been added to your MetaMask wallet automatically, because it's the developer-ready zkEVM rollup by Consensys (the creator of MetaMask).


Cost: We recommend allocating funds ranging from 500 USD to 1,000 USD

Time Required: Approximately 30 minutes

Airdrop: Non-confirmed, but potentially huge

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